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Whether it's providing better care, controlling costs, advancing research, or communicating more effectively with patients, the health industry is working to capitalize on the strategic value of technology.

SCI Group strives to provide smart solutions to the health industry's key challenges.

Our Approach to Health Industry Challenges


SCI Group supports ambitious IT initiatives to build, integrate and streamline systems that increase operational efficiency. Our team of consultants offers expertise across multiple technology domains, allowing you to scale your business quickly and efficiently. With SCI you have access to a skilled workforce that can function as a strategic part of your team.

The successful deployment of people, technology and processes is critical to achieving strategic objectives. This ecosystem relies on connecting people with data. SCI information services has a deep breadth of experience in solving comples data management issues. For more information, see our Information Management Services.

SCI produces learning and development solutions that allow our clients to meet organizational challenges. SCI supports the entire learning culture lifecycle; so whether it be a regulatory compliance training program or a single performance support intervention, SCI is ready to help you succeed.

We can work with your team to develop custom solutions to help you interact with patients through technology. We can conduct formative research and use the insight to recommend, develop and deploy the right technology for your patients' needs. See an example in our work to help AYA stem cell transplant patients.

Mobile technology allows a different level of access and influence with patients. Whether it's developing an app to influence behavior, or mobile software development to support your business objectives, SCI can support you.



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