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Enabling the Cloud through Innovative Technology and Services

SCI Group specializes in custom integrations leveraging the Application Packaging Standard (APS) and is a Parallels Certified APS System Integrator (SI) partner. Parallels is a worldwide leader in hosting and cloud service enablement and has been in SaaS market since 1999, with more than 9,000 service providers relying on the Parallels Automation platform to profitably deliver applications and cloud services to more than 10 million businesses in 125 countries.
As a certified Parallels APS SI Partner, SCI offers the following Cloud integration and Professional Services:

  • SCI provides highly qualified and certified APS specialists with knowledge of APS integration across multiple domains to enable applications in the Parallels ecosystem.
  • SCI works with multiple Independent Software Vendor’s (ISVs) to cloud enable their applications.
  • Full lifecycle cloud integration services using certified engineers, project managers and business analysts.
  • Seamless Migration services from Plesk Panel 8.x, 9.x, 10.x to 11.x.
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance team that offers end-to-end PA and APS testing and validation.

Seamless Integration leveraging APS 2.0

We are excited to be part of the select few who are invited to the APS 2.0 Beta, and to be working hands on with the upgraded feature set.

The APS 2.0 controller scheduled to be part of the Parallels Automation 5.5 release, completely revamps the way application packaging is done when compared to its predecessor APS 1.2. APS 2.0 facilitates a more seamless integration of applications into the Parallels eco-system, and the possibilities that are offered by this level of communication among related services are endless. We identify the following two feature upgrades to be the game changers,

Custom UI:

To leverage the recent changes in User interface design and development, APS 2.0 introduces the ability to develop Custom UI for your applications with the help of HTML 5, JQuery, Dojo Toolkit - greatly enhancing the user experience. With this change in place, providers are not restricted to the pre-defined buttons, text boxes and drop downs that are automatically populated with the hierarchical package definition.

Developers now have the freedom to introduce dynamic controls like use charts, sliders, within their package UI, along with the functional support that facilitates the flow exception messages and custom error messages embedded within the UI.

Service Bus & Single Sign-on:

Service bus controller is an architectural upgrade introduced in APS 2.0, leveraging which one can utilize the resources defined as types within other APS packages installed locally in the PA environment. This allows service providers to combine solutions from different packages, and provide a seamless experience to their customer. This controller will be the central communication system for resources of all APS packages within PA.

Another functional change that’s part of APS 2.0 is the ability to support single sign on and multifactor authentication for all APS applications, with help of the pluggable APS authentication protocol.

While we continue to explore the 2.0 standard, we continue to keep you posted on what it has to offer – so, stay tuned!

We have a bright forecast for your cloud services

SCI will deliver APS Enablement for your SaaS applications.

SCI is an official APS (Application Packaging Standard) system integrator for parallels, we are enabling ISV/SP's products or services to cloud supply chain in an elegant and quicker professional approach. SCI leverages its rich webhosting and technical expertise in APS packaging. SCI ensures quality of your APS packaged application in cloud.

APS Packaged application Working Process: asp

We are equipped to package your application in APS Format with highly qualified professionals. SCI services include custom APS integration & product branding, APS testing on Parallels Plesk, Parallels Operations Automation platforms and Development & Extensibility of Parallels Operations Automation suite of products.

Contact us today to find out more about our APS System Integration services. Please fill out the Contact form on this page.

Additional Information:
For more information on the Application Packaging Standard, Please visit the APS Standard website.

For more information on Parallels Cloud Services and examples of other products or services already packaged in APS, please visit the Parallels Cloud Services home page.